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The best publicity is word of mouth. Read what my clients, former business partners and collegues have to say about their experiences of working with me.

Thank you for all your help in getting this house built! What a journey we've all been on and we couldn't have done any of it without you. You've been amazing!

Amanda and Jon Williams
Romania - 2020

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Adriana Horstman worked for Clear Public Space and Asociaţia Un Viitor fără Gunoi for 2 years and organised the union of 'SCBC' (the school, council, (waste) business and community) for the project Un Viitor fără Gunoi in Sibiu County. It is now acclaimed with the Schools' Inspectorate and Environmental Guard in Romania. It now starts in UNESCO-listed Westminster, London, UK.

Adriana helped it grow, which it continues to do. The EU Commission's Helmut Maurer said "This project should be taken up in all EU Member states, and the world" and it (gradually!) is!"

Thank you Adriana.

Luke Douglas-Home
MD of Clear Public Space and President of Asociaţia Un Viitor fără Gunoi

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We used Adriana to help us to buy our land in the Sibiu area. We live in the UK and before we flew out to strike the deal she helped us make sure we had everything we needed. Nothing was too much trouble for her and we regularly spoke by email or Skype. Because of her calm, confident and professional manner, even when the inevitable hiccups and problems arose in the process, we weren't worried.

When we flew out, the land purchase wasn't without its occasional issue (quite common in any transaction) but Adriana guided us through everything and her translation skills made it all so much easier.

She engenders trust and was, to us, a godsend. Without her I genuinely don't believe we would have been able to complete our land purchase (she even saved us over 4000 euros in the process). We will definitely be asking her to project manage our build in a couple of years time and now consider her to be someone we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending highly. As well as someone who will, I'm sure, become a friend of the family in the future.

Amanda and Jon Williams
United Kingdom - 2014

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Adriana Horstman is a human being you are going to like. Before we traveled to Sibiu last fall, I had heard much good about her. So I got in touch with Adriana. She helped me out with some good contacts, to fill the four months with meaningful and green content.

Adriana has a vast network. People like Adriana makes the leap into the unknown less scary, almost enjoyable! Such is worth gold.

Gabriele Brennhaugen
Project manager for promoting organic food within the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes

My very best recommendations to anyone Adriana Horstman might chose to collaborate with. During our activities in Sibiu, Saliste and Sibiel during 2010 and 2011, Adriana has been our "right hand" in the field, working alongside with the Regional Envrionmental Department (REPA Sibiu) and local councillors, schoolteachers and students, households and pension owners in getting them involved in homecomposting and environmental care.

She has committed herself to delivering only the best, through detailed programmes and curriculaes and a warm and caring attention to the people and the activities. Her professionalism shines through everything she does and we trust this will take her a long way. We hope we will have the pleasure of working with Adriana again soon, and wish her all the best until then.

May-Lise Talgø and Ingvald Erga
Environmental advisors at Grønn Hverdag/Green Living Norway - GAP-Norway

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It was an amazing 'warming' experience to work with Adriana, only after have met once she took it upon herself to set up a great Solar Cinema show in Sibiu. In a real short period of time she arranged a great place, audience, accomodation and media-attention.
Adriana has great commitment, is profesional and full of energy! It's amazing to see her capacitiy of joining partners together to set up a non-profit event.
We were made very welcome in Sibiu and our Solar Cinema show had one of the biggest audiences of our tour.

Maureen Prins
Owner of CosyMo's Solar Cinema

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Adriana is a committed and proactive lady, her work is always neatly ordered and planned.

ing. Rens Huuskes
Implementation Specialist Water Management at Waterboard Rijn & IJssel

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Adriana Horstman is a strong, open personality, result oriented and has excellent communication skills. She is businesslike, flexible, creative and energetic.

ir. N. Borreman
Project Manager at Wareco Ingenieurs

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The contacts with Adriana were very pleasant. She committed herself as motivator of the class and often as the voice of the part-time education commission and accreditation commision for the NVAO-mark.

D. Timmerman
Coordinator Part-time Education at Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein

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