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Building a loghouse

For a family from the United Kingdom I managed the build of their dream house in a village near Sibiu, Romania. I helped them face the bureaucracy that comes with buying land and building a house. Together with the architect, engineers and constructors, we made sure their dream log house was built.

From idea to plan to realisation

After the block was acquired, we had to make a Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ) and a Local Urban Regulation (RLU) to ensure the area was designated for building houses. A local architect made the opportunity study, we discussed with neighbors and obtained the notices from several authorities. We got a geo-technical study made plus all the topographical works required.

The family pictured their dream house, included a wish list and found a company specialized in building log houses. They translated the wishes into a plan, which, together with the architectural and engineering plans, became the "blueprint" for the build of the house.

With the architectural plans we obtained building authorisation. We chose the constructor for the concrete part of the house, and the plumbers and electricians. We encountered a delay during the bureaucracy phase because we had to change architect and engineers.

Because of the special requirements of this type of build (loghouse) a settling/drying period had to be taken into account. At the constructor's site the structure was built with freshly cut wood and remained there over the winter period. Following autumn each log was marked and the house was taken apart, transported to the owner's block to be rebuild and then left to settle/dry for another year before starting on the finishing.

The project took 6 years to complete, and by the end of 2020 the family moved into the house to spend their first Christmas in Romania. We wish them many incredibly happy and healthy years in their new place.

The building process

In 2017 we built the road, bridge and fence. Also the general digging was done.

In May 2018 we started the build of the concrete part of the house. In September the wooden structure arrived on the family's block and the house was rebuilt in it's final place. After the roof was put on the house, the structure has been left for another year for the settling process.

In 2019 and throughout 2020 we continued finishing the house, putting in partition walls, windows, doors, bathrooms, floors, staining the exterior side of the logs, etc.

As for utilities the house only has access to the water mains. So we installed a sewage tank, gas tank, solar panels and an extra water tank for fire fighting purposes.

Because the block is in an area with unstable ground prone to land sliding, we installed a retaining wall behind the house.

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