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Who is Adriana Horstman?

I am committed to make the human impact on the environment as harmoniously as possible and to create awareness about the environmental impact on humans. Who doesn't feel good after having spent a day in nature? Unfortunately, urbanisation, industrial and agricultural activities often have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of water, and on nature.

As an engineer in land and water management and with experience in land rehabilitation and conservation I have established myself in 2009 as an individual enterprise in Romania.

Romania is a European country that is heavily in development and has a large amount of untouched natural areas. Mountains, rivers, streams and delta dominate the country, but also the area of small-scale agriculture is enormous. A large proportion of the population still does not have access to drinking water, a sewage system nor a proper waste collection system.

It is a country where nature really needs protection, where people's basic needs must be provided, where agriculture is still in development. My knowledge and experience in the field of water and contaminants can make a difference in this endeavor.


I was born and raised in a village near Amsterdam, in an area that represents my professional interest. It's an area where land has been recuperated from the water, which contains wetlands and natural parks. I was always exploring the region, either by motorbike, bicycle, boat or on foot.

In 2008 I exchanged the low lands of The Netherlands for the hilly landscape of Transylvania. And I enjoy exploring them as well!