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About Adriana Horstman

My individual enterprise delivers engineering and technical consultancy regarding land and water management in Romania. I assist with building and renovation of constructions. And I provide trainings on waste reduction, composting and sustainable living.

I committed myself for deployment in environmental issues. My goal is that everybody, now and in the future, can enjoy and appreciate the beautiful nature this planet is offering.

Romania is a country still in development. It has a huge amount of natural areas, forests, delta and rivers which need protection. It's important that people have access to clean drinking water, a proper sewerage system and a clean environment.


My expertise covers a wide range of areas related to land, water and waste management:

  • Land:
    ground, road and water construction, ground mechanics
  • Water:
    ground water and surface water management, infrastructure for drinking water, sewerage, irrigation and drainage
  • Environment:
    soil research, soil decontamination plans, environmental supervision, waste management, recycling, composting, environmental impact assesment
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