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A Future without Rubbish

From 2016 until 2018 I worked together with Clear Public Space Ltd to introduce the project "A Future without Rubbish" ("Un Viitor fara Gunoi") in schools and kindergartens in Sibiu County, Romania. The project is still running and growing across Romania and the United Kingdom.

I was consultant for Valea Viilor and Cisnadie, where I organised activities with the schools. Also I maintained contacts with Sibiu county council, mayors, their local councils and the communities they represent, A.D.I. Eco Sibiu (Intercommunitair Development Asociation), and businesses (Soma, Brantner Environment, Schuster & CO Ecologic, EcoSal Medias, Vrancart, RUD Florian Rieger, and Association Melikoleg.


The project's objective is to rid Romania of her endemic rubbish problem, for the long term. We got schools, councils, businesses and communities (SCBC) to work together and so improve the collection and separation of rubbish. There is collaboration with embassies in Romania and the United Kingdom, UNESCO, The European Nature Trust (TENT), and more.

The project encourages awareness of school children and households about waste and recycling, and so change the 'normal behaviour' in society.

Official project launch

In October 2017 the project was officially launched in Cisnadie's Cultural House (Casa de Cultura).

During the event Professor Helmut Maurer of the EU commission-DG Environment and European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment, European Commission, a local council official, Luke Douglas-Home and Spiderman explained to the audience about the importance of this project, underlining that "All of us need our superpowers to fight rubbish" and that "Our dream is that everyone sees rubbish as a resource".

The children at a local school showed their enthusiasm for the project with music performances and a fashion show.


During the project we regularly organised activities with the schools, varying from creative recycling art sessions, cleaning up the school yard, lessons about how to recycle and keep our planet healthy, and excursions. We visited various places, like waste sorting and recycling stations (in Medias, Sibiu and Cisnadie) and the Tamaian glass blowing studio.

Also once a year we organised a dissemination event where we invited all actors of SCBC involved. During these events everyone had the opportunity to address problems and discuss solutions for better recycling in their community.


The children were rewarded and praised for their hard work. They received a card or a medal which they wore during the activities and so hoped their superhero Spiderman would visit them. Which he did!

They also received a small jar of organic honey and were told to keep the jar as it would be their entrance ticket to the bee keeping school of Association Melikoleg in Hamba. Here, Anja Schneider showed and explained how bees live, how they make honey, pollen and propolis, and gave everyone the opportunity to taste their products. The children extracted honey and filled their jars, and personalised them with labels.
All had a wonderful time and were happy to learn that bees recycle everything!

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